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The Littlest Things.

I wanted to share a neat little thing, pun intended, with you.
I had a package of sunflower seeds - mixed variety. They were some of the best sprouters out of my whole seed bunch. I cornered my garden with them; however, I had too many to put into the space so I just let about 9 of the continue to thrive in little pots. I had no idea what would happen, but they remained green and healthy in the pots so I just let time pass. Well, now I know what sunflowers do when they aren't given the room to grow six feet tall with a stem circumference of 3 inches. They grow in the space they are given. They flower just the same, only tiny.
Human nature is no different. If we allow ourselves to live to the fullest we will create beauty within whatever space we are given. We won't complain because we aren't the biggest or handed the most - we will thrive fully with what we have.
It's also a great lesson not to give up on the little things. They have the ability to offer brilli…


I just wanted to take a quick moment to share the fact that BePurdy 365, the daily photo site that I've been sharing with Courtney since October of last year, is now 10 months old. It's a big commitment to get a photo a day posted, but we've going strong and are still aiming to hit our 365 mark. I love this blog in so many ways. If you haven't checked it out - please do. Let us know what you think!
Thank you for sharing in my life.