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The First Challenge - Favorite Visual Piece of Art

My challenge: Pick one of your favorite pieces of visual art. Post It. Explore and discuss what exactly about it moves you & then discuss your life in comparison to this work. do you try to live in a way that moves others the way this piece of art moves you? In what ways do you succeed or fail @ doing so?

I am straying away from photography as my visual piece of art of choice only because there is so much that I love and I explore that often. But a painting I often do not dissect.

My first inclination was to post this beautiful painting that I saw at Eddie's Attic in Atlanta- however Maura reminded me of the painting that I am constantly drawn to in the art museum and I realized that it has more staying power in my life. I've been in love with this painting for many years. Now my challenge is to discover why.

Meet Cupid and Psyche - a painting done by Jacques Louis David.
So here it is. A painting of lovers. The God of Love and a woman so beautiful she threatened the eterna…

Amazing Photo That I Did Not Take

Originally uploaded by Steve took it I saw this photograph and had to share it here with you - it's wonderful...and I hope one day to capture something so amazing on my own. I wonder what kind of lens this was? I need to learn more about my camera. I'm craving.

Friday Shootout - Outdoor Food

Outdoor Happy Hour at one of Cleveland's treasures - The Great Lakes Brewing Company. We made it up there for Christmas in July to sample the Year's First public Christmas Ale on tap. It's dark, delicious and in this season 8% alcohol by content - or so that's what we were told anyways. Needless to say by the middle of my third I was feeling pretty "good". Enjoy a night of eating outdoors with me in Cleveland.


I've been feeling rather quiet this week.

In lieu of forcing words that aren't ripe enough to come out I thought I'd share some photographs from Catawba in Ohio with you. Enjoy.

The Early Morning Dance of Birds

The birds are gathered in flocks veining from the tide to 200 ft inland. When I try to disrupt their gathering they do the same dance every time.

One bird rises and then they all follow, swooping into line - a crescendo beat of wings. Half the flock heads over water and the other half inland, completing arches that meet and land simultaneously 100 ft away from where they were and where I now stand.

Friday Shootout - Reflections

Beating the Bleus

It is said over and over again (and most often taken with a grain of salt as we try to push through one event in life to get to the next), but it’s true – “the beauty resides in taking notice of the little things.”

I was with Serenity last night. After dinner she was taking time to teach me a little bit of the Spanish and French she’s learned at the ripe old age of 6. She pushes the words out with a cute little accent and a burst of confidence that makes them sound just so.

Me, on the other hand, well I’m completely hopeless. And that was enough to end my night on just the right note that it has carried me happily into today, buffering my attitude towards the small challenges I’ve run into already this morning.

The notion of me being unable to tell her what my favorite color was in Spanish without jumbling the syllables or accidentally sneaking in a French “bleu” had her tickled.

“Okay, just say it one more time Mamie,” she was giggling. “You keep saying it in French when we are speaki…

Who's Who and What does Who Want

Hey guys.

So here's what I'm trying to do...

I want to know who's stopping by the site and what types of posts you like to read.

I always going to write the things that come to my head...but if I know that there are topics people really like to explore I'll keep a eye and ear out for things that inspire me in their direction.

Plus, it's always nice to see where support is coming from and outside of my follower list - I really have no idea who stops by.

Leave me a comment if you will. You don't have to be a member or register or anything...just comment as anonymous and leave your name. Only if you want of course :)

Cheers and happy hump day!

Life is good - More Inspiration from the Road

I'm still really digging my license plate inspirations.

It's not as easy to get the photos while driving as you'd think - I'm dangerous in hot pursuit. Sometimes it's worth it though.

Cheers to the people who inspire me during my every drive.


So is the book Animal Vegetable Miracle. It's like listening to food porn on my way to and from work every day.

Vegetables are amazing. There's so much I didn't know. Makes me a bit sad that I never took the time to start my garden this year. Maybe next. Maybe next.

Did you know that it takes 3 years from when you plant an asparagus plant before you can harvest a crop and that you only have one day to harvest a chute before you are too late?? Chew on that for a while.

Homeless, but at home in Cleveland

Maura and I took a day to play tourists in our own city this weekend. We parked near St. Johns, the church that I love downtown, and in close proximity to the library, Cleveland's true hidden treasure.

I'm working on entries into a photo contest so we were really allowing ourselves to be visually absorbed into what Cleveland has to offer.

During our self-guided tour the clouds looked exaggeratedly poofed full of air. Surreal and cartoonish.
The sky was bright with sun. The breeze was cleansing. It really could not have been a more perfect day for taking photos - or for just being at peace in the place we call home.

While walking past Mall B, the greenscape with a clear view of Cleveland's solitary windmill, I witnessed a moving act of kindness.

There was a gentleman laying on the lawn, I assume he was homeless as he had his things all near him and a sheet covering his head. Yes, he was alive. Behind him there was a group of individuals gathered socially. As I was watchi…

Be the Book

I don't often find that quote alone is worthy of an entire blog post...but this one is. I'm reading Erica Jong's memoir, a book I picked up randomly the other day.

I'm enjoying it immensely.

She's got this quote at the beginning. Enjoy.

"When I was little, my ambition was to grow up to be a book. Not a writer. People can be killed like ants. Writers are not hard to kill either. But not books. However systematically you try to destroy them, there is always a chance that a copy will survive and continue to enjoy a shelf-life in some corner of an out-of-the-way library somewhere, in Reykjavik, Valladolid, or Vancouver." - Amos Oz

Thick and Sticky

I have a craving for words that sit thick and sticky on the tongue. The mellowing sounds that transcend language. Words that taste like coffee, red wines, and rich desserts.

For those are the universal sounds of love - and I want to taste every syllable.


The biggest favor anyone could ever do passion is to stand in its way, threaten it's existence.

That's when conviction defies all else, becomes its strongest.

We begin to fight for something & against something all at once.

And in that fight we display the strength of human emotion.

We let the world know what we are willing to do to keep what we want.

We become fearless...powerful.

Photo by Nick

Friday Shootout - Yard Objects

Nothing like a little ceremonious couch jumping before letting the neighborhood folks come over and secondhand our couch.

We cried a little when we said goodbye to this piece of furniture, but it was time for a clean out. We at least had to make it fun. I'm still feeling heavy just looking at it. Some things in our lives carry memories. This couch did me good. It held me and and the people that I care about over many years.

Enjoy this non-traditional yard decor.

Gone away from me

One day we end up existing in a world empty of many of the faces, voices & hands that led us on our way.

It’s how good we look at them, hear them & hold them when we have them that determines how hard we cry in their absence & also how much we remember…once upon a time.


I'm wearing a dress today. This may seem like a big old "so, what," but the truth is up until this year I never wore a dress voluntarily. I'm more of a jean and t-shirt kind of gal - at best a black pant kind of gal. I've always said that I felt a little bit like my beloved Bea Arthur in costume when I tried to dress it up even a little bit.

But, I must admit, I've found this tiny inner craving for girlyness, bare legs, and accentuating the positives.

I want a slew of sundresses to spin around in. What in the world has come over me?

But on to why I'm here. I bought these lil flip flops from old navy.

Although they are cuter than the average flip - overall they are a flop. Every seven steps I have to re-put on my shoes. No joke. I walk right out of them.

To get any more than seven steps I have to flex my foot and march with high feet, but even that ridiculous gait only gets me about 15 steps before I'm barefoot again.

Say "NO" to the toe-str…

Call it what you want baby...

“Boobies?” The giggle of a six year old sounded. “Why do you call them boobies?”

“Ummmm I don’t really know why. I guess because I thought it sounded better than “Pom Poms,” I replied.

Pom Poms is the word the boy in the kindergarten class used to refer to breasts, or as they remain in Kindergarten – “nipples”.

“You can just keep calling them nipples,” we concluded.

“Maybe it should be areolas,” Maura added.

This was on Sunday.

On Monday, Maura had a halter monitor prescribed so she was sentenced to a 48 hour stint shower-free.

“Don’t worry, you can use wipes to wash you ‘hoohaa’,” I assured her. “And you can use soap under your arms.”

“Hoohaa? That brings me back to the boobies conversation from yesterday,” Maura came back at me.

“Yeah I guess it does, but what did you want me to say labia?” I questioned.

“Or vagina.” Maura chimed.

“Why don’t you just cover the whole area and say perineum?” Maura’s mom wisely rebutted.

So that got us talking about Oprah and the Vajayjay and the many other affect…

Bluegrass Kitchen Photos

Have a seat. Take a load off your feet. Whet your palate and relax.

Gypsy Livin - A Bluegrass Moment in Charleston West Virginia

"I’m not coming back. I’m going to sell peaches roadside." I joked in the car. I was at total and complete peace.

Last week I got a taste of gypsy living. We went from Ohio to Charlotte to Hilton Head to Atlanta to Decatur, back to Hilton Head to Savannah, and back again to Hilton Head – only to depart there for good and head to Charleston and then back home.

I love life on the road. It’s such an adventure, especially when you take the time to do and see all of the little things out there.

As we traveled I was able to finish the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society book and digest in whole Jody Picoult’s Handle With Care.

Good reading always pushes me towards wanting to write. So, I jotted down little notes in the car of things I wanted to share here. And, in time, I will.

But for today...

I want to mention a charmed little place that we stopped at in Charleston. We had been on the road home for 12 hours, driving for about 8 of them when we entered Charleston. We needed…

Friday Shootout - Texture - 13 Hours Away From Home

All these photos are taken in my temporary town for the week...Hilton Head Island.

And there's always got to be some food shots! There are some days when nothing is prettier.

Anyone care to venture a guess on what this LOVELY texture is??

Knock knock knock on wood.

There are so many times in life where I think that it is impossible to stop my head from chewing over thoughts. Chewing them up into little fragments of themselves. A microanalysis of every moment.

Yet somehow here my mind has been completely silent. Completely and blissfully silent.

I am just enjoying myself.

It's been overcast this week with rain on and off. When I looked at the forecast I almost sulked and then today walking back up to the room I realize it has been a blessing. Usually a July beach week is scorching hot. So much so that I end up walking from the beach back to the condo to cool off once ever twenty minutes or so. With the overcast skies I have been able to stay outside all day and just relax.

Last night was perfect too. I was leaning back having my hair braided by Maura and brushed by Marissa (my 7 year old cousin) for an extended period of time. In the middle of the pampering I dozed off. When I woke up Marissa was still running a comb through my hair. I dan…

A road trip on a road trip - Atlanta Bound

Yesterday we left Hilton Head at noon to head to Atlanta, Georgia. Maura had prearranged an open mic night at Eddie's Attic in Decatur and I had a couple of friends that I wanted to see.

After a five hour drive we stopped at Christina's gorgeous apartment for all of 15 minutes and then headed straight to the music.

Over the course of the night there were what I estimate to be 20 performers. Everyone got two songs each and and the end of the night three of those performers were selected to play a third song.

Maura was among the three selected - a much deserved moment in the spotlight. There is no comparison to having seen it live, however once we get home I'm going to try to download the last song she sang that evening and post it here for you. They gave her a recording of it for being a finalist.

After the show we went to a cafe in Atlanta that served up the best gnocci and crepes. Not a bad snack for after midnight. (Oinky Oinky Us.)

Check Maura out at…