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More than words.

I have always tried to get to know people by reading the books they love.

Today I realized that maybe I'm doing a lot more than getting to know them.
When I choose to flip through a shared set of pages with someone, I am opening up an entirely new frame of reference with them. An understanding. A different way of looking at the world.

The experience and journey we take through the pages of books alters our way of thinking - even if only temporarily. It opens up new realities and exposes us to new personality types. It forces us to react to things that are happening in the world outside of us. And those reactions get inside of us. It deepens our mental connection with humanity. It paints a new picture of places we have seen and a detailed visual of places we have not. And through all of that it changes the way the world looks. It creates a filter to see everything through.
I feel blessed to share that connection with people in my life.