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The value of people.

I've learned that if you can just appreciate people for whatever they offer you rather than expecting everyone to be everything - life becomes filled with a lot more gratitude and a lot less disappointment.

Every person has something to offer.

Nature's Will

A small tornado of debris swelled around my feet. Even the leaves were tempting me to stumble. But I turned my back on the breeze and buckled hard at the knees. Self-grounded is better than drifting out of control.

To Jaiden. For the first time.

It could have been just yesterday they held you up for me to see One giant breath and then a newborn scream And I let your tiny hand wrap around my mine For the first time.
So small and we shared you with all – morning, noon and night Moms a-glow for their baby girl and all she offered to the world Each sound and move something huge to celebrate For the first time.
Lying awake to gaze at you sleeping - hours into the night Waiting for the moment your eyes would open or hunger would strike Happy to be missing out on sleep For the first time.
So eager to offer you solid food Lift the spoon and watch your eyes go bright Cereal soupy and sweet potato from a jar For the first time.
And the day you were able to tip the cup back on your lip Sipping water like we did And we all laughed at just how bright you really were For the first time.
The strong, independent lift of your head Mickey Mouse Playhouse, giggles and gasps The time your baby hands and knees hit the ground, moving fas…

Time travel at the gas pump

Sometimes the past blows in with the breeze. Just the other day while pumping gas I found myself sitting at a table in my safety town class. The air heavy with humidity and the waxy scent of crayon. The sky bright and the breeze heavy. My cotton dress just short of stopping my legs from sticking to the chair underneath me. Then, running outside. Remembering to the point of feeling the pride I had saddling up on the small tricycle I used to navigate the black pavement, around the cones. Carefree and safe and under the sun.

Oh, to feel that safe again.