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A story written long ago.

Her soul called out to me from across the room. And I responded simply by walking over. An explanation was never needed to tell us why we belonged to this thing that we were creating…in silence and in sound. We knew each other well, yet never had our eyes, voices or words met in this lifetime. This was all about another time.  A piece of home in all the chaos. A story written long ago.

Inner Monologues and One-Sided Conversations

Sometimes there isn't a dialogue. There's an inner monologue with two voices. A relationship dynamic you are building with yourself. A one-sided conversation that will never be reciprocated. Or would be volleyed in an entirely different way.

Sometimes the silence is so deafening that it feels safer to make up the other side. To fill in the silence with words you wish were said or fear will be said…but the truth is that until they are said this is all wasted mental energy.

Try not to react to what isn't there.

That's my advice to me. And you, if you want it.