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What if we weren't divided
And we realized that lines were meant for geography
not for unity
Coordinates to help us find each other, not lose sight of one another
And borders for holding things together
not for keeping them apart
What if the state we were in was humanity
And each person held equal weight
Because gravity doesn't take into account fear, origin, or acceptance
Even though all this hate feels too heavy to bear
What if we blurred the lines
and realized that we all came from the same energy
and we will all be laid to rest in the same ground
What if the flag we waved was surrender
A flash of white, like the clouds that blanket this entire planet, that let's everyone know they can close their eyes, safe in their skin
No matter where their human ship landed in this world

11 11

She said, "Imagine the plants that could live in that light.

I said, "Imagine the woman."