Fifteen Days of Thanks - Day 10

Today I'm thankful for laughter.

It's healing from the inside out.  It's contagious.  It's healthy.  It lets your soul float for a moment.

There's the moments when laughter is inappropriate, like in church, where it elevates to an even higher level and cannot be stopped.  The kind that starts just by looking at someone.  The kind that you have to stand up just to shake it out.

I'm always amazed when I find someone that my sense of  humor is in sync with and we laugh together more than we do anything else.

Or when someone's laugh is so heart warming that I find myself laughing along with them without having any knowledge of why I'm laughing.

Oooh and those moments where I find myself alone, mentally rehashing something that has happened and I start uncontrollably giggling to myself.

Laughter, God it's good.


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