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I'm struggling with body image/feeling at the moment.

I just don't feel fit. So, besides being committed to working out again, I'm also replacing my chair at work with an exercise ball. I got it yesterday and in general I think it's much more comfortable than sitting on a chair. I don't really feel like I'm working my core or anything sitting on it...but I do I have it here if I all of a sudden get motivated to start doing crunches. We'll see about that.

Look here for some of the benefits of sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair at work:

I wanted to go to the gym this morning before work and in a moment of frustration I decided not to go. I'm regretting the decision. I needed to do that for myself and I let myself get shut down.

I think that part of what is going on with me is that I've stopped eating meat and have probably replaced too much of my meal with carbohydrates. I know carbs do not do my particular body type well. I just have to do a bit more research on meat free protein, especially meat free protein that would be crave worthy at breakfast time.

Off to explore my options.


cp said…
HAHA this made me laugh. Is it really working? Do you make it through a whole day on the thing? I'm so clumsy that I can see it getting hard for me sometimes. :)
Vitamin B-Lardo said…
It's 2:00 and I haven't used a chair yet today!! So far so good.

This one has sand in the bottom so it doesn't roll away!!!!
Nick James said…
Eat veggies! I think you are pretty, but I understand body image. Best of luck!
Pavitra said…
Good luck in your research! If you need help, let me know. I was a vegetarian until I was 17.
CosmaThreeDee said…
I love morningstar farms fake bacon and sausage. yum. i prefer my bacon heavily peppered and my sausage dipped in yellow mustard, but thats just me.

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