Bee Bee.

For my beautiful Bee Bee. I will miss the sound of her always. 

If you are sitting in this room right now there is one thing that is certain. There was a day that Bee, Jeyne, Mom, made you feel like you were her best friend. You were in on her jokes, you were part of her stories.

And if we went outside of this room to the people who interacted with her at the bank, in a store, at the dr’s office, ANYWHERE – the story would be the same. “She’s so funny, too funny.” “I can hardly breathe when I’m around her.” “Oh how we laugh.”

To be out with her was to see how people were magnetized to her. She couldn’t go anywhere without it turning into a story that was worth telling. Think now. I’m sure you have one with her.

Some people go through life not noticing and not remembering all of the things around them. But that is not Bee’s story.

She had cancer, but she was never sick. She never complained or looked ill. She never let any medical journey get the best of her. I’d go so far as to say you’d have never known there was something wrong just by looking at her. She didn’t let it show. She was the bravest person we knew.

And she most certainly was full of life, not just alive, every day until her last.  Something we could all aspire to be.

When hospice came in Bee candidly looked at them and said “Wait, I thought I was living…not dying.” And she was so right. There’s not one person here that doesn’t have a story about her that will carry on and be told for years to come. Bee was that kind of meaningful. A forever kind of funny. And will be carried with each and every one of us every day. She changed the way life looked when you were with her. And even now, in the saddest time, we can all find a hint of laughter in the words and mannerisms she left behind.

So while we are all here crying and remembering all of the reasons we will miss her…don’t forget to laugh too. She spent her whole life making sure we all did…and we shouldn’t let that be lost with her passing.


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