A funny thing happens in the delivery room – we are born with instincts and inclinations, things we won’t discover for years.
Then we enter into the world and people start training us to be someone. Some of our instincts and inclinations change before we discover them, but some do not.
So, we become someone raised and developed, but representing a core truth – the little somethings we had before anyone taught us to be anything.

Then somewhere along the way awareness, expectation and judgement slap us in the face.

Unfortunately the end result is that all too often we start thinking we aren’t good enough or need to change because of others’ opinions. We spend too much of our lives trying to condition ourselves out of just being ourselves.

I think that if you find yourself having to conform just to fit into a group or a social setting or a conversation – it might be a better idea to consider changing your present company instead of yourself.

There are so many conditions to this…I’m not telling you to be okay to go about hurting yourself or other people in the name of, “it’s just who I am.” I’m talking about core truths. The things you love. The things you feel.

Be you. You only get once chance to live this life. Live it proudly.

Look for little reflections of yourself in the people you surround yourself with. Complement yourself in your company and in your interests. Don’t let them defeat you.

And help other people do the same.

Life is hard enough without us setting out to push each other down on account of basic differences.


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