Preferences aren’t Superiorities.

I went into Einstein’s to order my coffee today and something in the voice of the woman ordering behind me made me want to share this thought.

Preferences are merely preferences – not superiorities.

Haven’t you ever noticed that there are certain people who feel like their preferences put them at a higher level than the other people around them? They feel somehow elevated by what they like. As if preferences aren’t just things that we grow to like as individuals, but that somehow we grow to like them because we are better, smarter, or more sophisticated than the people around us.

It’s just not true. What’s best for you isn’t necessarily best for the people around you. No amount of convincing or judging will make it so.

It seems like we as a society would grow closer if we look at differences as leveling agents – positives. We can’t grow if we don’t see and embrace what is different than us.

By nature we will all encounter, try and be exposed to different things that this world has to offer – if we listen to each others' stories and reasons, we grow.

If we use them as ways to judge I think we fail to see the point of living.

Embrace people for who they are. And remember it never hurts to try something a different way, but there is nothing to say that anyone’s way has to be better for you than your own. And in the same, your way is not necessarily what is best for other people.


Anonymous said…
J, a very wise analogy and perception. Enjoyed your post. Love, Aunt Elaine
CPVegan said…
Why can't Americans just all be vegan like me? Please advise.

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