Blood. Photography. Life.

During one of my 7 a.m. appointments, my chiropractor started to explain the difficulty of measuring certain substances in the body utilizing blood work.

A single blood test captures one moment in time…the levels in the blood at one tiny moment – one frame in what is an entire slide show.

It doesn’t capture enough of the picture of what goes on in the body over an extended period of time. And for certain things, one moment doesn’t necessarily depict the whole.

You can't always judge health by the reality existing in a single moment. You can get an indication of how things are...but not necessarily a clear picture of what they will be.

I’ve been really into posting pictures on my shared blog,

One day in a moment of haste I sent over a picture that I absolutely do not like. When I roll past it I regret the moment I sent it over to be posted.

I have to fight the urge to let that one small slide ruin my impression of my own photography – the urge to allow that one slide to depict the whole.

What am I getting at here?

Simply this.

I’m trying to teach myself and remind myself to resist the urge to define life solely by individual moments.

There is always so much more going on than what we can see if we are constantly reacting.

It’s easy to lose awareness of the good or bad that came before if we are reacting to life in a tunnel. We start doing everything based purely off of momentary emotion – emotion not supported by context.

And the sad part about that is that once we react this way, we tend to keep reacting this way…because moments change and emotions do too. It’s inevitable.

I’m trying to tell myself to take a step back and put a buffer in between myself and the verbalization of my emotions. I'm not saying that I can’t have my emotions and I'm certainly not saying that they aren’t real. That would equate to avoidance. So, I'm still letting myself cry my eyes out when I’m sad and laugh hysterically when I’m tickled...I’m just resisting the urge to foolishly let myself believe that just because I’m crying in a moment that everything is sad. It’s not. That moment and that thing might be sad…but there is plenty of good outside of it.

My advice of the day: Live the moments…but keep your eye on the whole.


cp said…
Love the comparisons. Very nice.

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