The privilege of knowing and loving.

Out of all of the billions of people in this world…why you and why me? Why us?
Have you ever asked yourself those questions?

I have been thinking a ton of the people who are a part of my life.

It’s far too easy once someone is inside to forget all the itty bitty steps it took to get them there. The serendipity of meeting. The decision to connect. The dynamic of initial exchanges. The revealing of personal details. The observation of idiosyncrasies. The fighting. The making up. The shared laughs. The surrender of pride. Crossing the boundary into daily existence. The decision to ask a person to stay with you share a part of this lifetime. The realization that you don't ever want to be without them.

Friendship. Love. Connection in every form that it takes.

I don’t want to forget all of the reasons that human connections exist, especially the ones that are a part of me.

It is a complete privilege to know another human being on an intimate level. Think about how rare it truly is to let someone on the inside and how very few people in the world will ever be there.

We pass by so many people in our daily lives…this means that the ones we grow closer to are truly exceptional. They move in past the boundaries that so many people will never have the benefit of crossing.

I am so thankful for the people who have opened me up and who have opened up to me.
It is only through my exchange with others that I learn about myself, my needs, my values, my strengths and my weaknesses. It is only through my connections that I can even come close to understanding love.

I try to remember in every exchange that knowing someone isn’t a guarantee…it’s a choice and a blessing.

I am thankful for every person who has made my heart feel love and for every person who has let me love them in return.

My advice: Celebrate people. And tell them what they mean to you…too often we take for granted that they might know...and every person can benefit from hearing their importance every once in a while.


mo said…
I love this line:

"we pass by so many people in our daily lives...this means that the ones we grow closer to are truly exceptional."

beautiful entry, jamie. it is so representative of your heart and your love of human connection.
Anonymous said…
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