Inspired Change

I need inspired change.

It’s getting to that point in the winter where I want to crawl out of the dark and cozy hole that I’ve dug myself into, but my body hasn’t fully adopted the potential change. I have good intention and desire to open the world back up to myself, I just haven’t figured out how to emerge – at least not in a healthy way. I’ve figured out how to go out to eat…but unfortunately that is just making the needed change a bit more difficult as I feel like I’m packing on the pounds and making any fitness and financial goals even bigger challenges.

So I’ve decided I need to just make a first step - any first step. Maybe it’s going to the gym tonight. Maybe it’s enrolling for a class. I keep talking about things I want to explore and do and not doing them…and that is making for long periods of time with no change.

I’m giving myself till five p.m. to figure out where I want to start. Where I’m going to take my first step. One thing I do know – it will not be into a restaurant.


cp said…
You never hear someone say they regret going to the gym. :)

I'll go with you! Just in a different city and all.
Anonymous said…
I leave notes/post-its/symbols/pictures/(can be as simple as a word that inspires me)...I use them as motivators...a post-it on my desk,on my dashboard, a picture in my work-out bag, a quote in my pocket. Good luck on your quest.

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