Negative Emotion. Overruled.

I’m up at all hours thinking. Contemplating life. Finding it takes me an extra 15 minutes to fall back to sleep once I’m awake, because some things are left unsettled in my mind.

During these hours I find myself circling around the concept of perception and attitude.

I’m realizing that we have the ability to paint our individual realities however it is we wish to see them.

We can feel in control, victimized, opportunistic, burned, fortunate or deflated – and I believe that the perspective we have is an absolute choice.

Things happen to all of us. Situations unfold and we react. Some things are solidly sad and unfortunate, but some of us choose to do positive and motivating things with them – and some of us choose the play the role of the affected. We have the absolute ability render ourselves powerless over what has “happened to us”. We can, if we want, forget to take responsibility for the role we play in our outcomes.

I’ve been playing both sides of this coin in some regards, but I will tell you this…as I become aware of the situations during which I’m allowing myself to feel like the affected person – I’m regaining control.

I’m confronting situations that I’m uncomfortable with and being settled by their outcomes – whatever they are. And I mean that.

I realize that I can only be the victim of things I let myself feel the victim of. I instantly regain personal power the moment I confront my demons, communicate honestly, and choose to be okay with any outcome.

I’ve been toting this quote around with me for years and it proves useful on a regular basis, “Let go of what is not for you and you will make room for what is.” I don’t know who wrote it, but it summarizes reality perfectly. If you hang on to anything that doesn’t belong in your life you are blocking potential space for something that would fit.

This statement applies to negative attitudes and emotions as well as people, habits and belief systems. Let go of them and make room for better ones.

Let go of fear and make room for self-empowerment and courage.

Let go of past definitions and notions and let things, relationships and people evolve into their new roles in your life. They are all valuable when they are what they should be.

Let change happen and don’t struggle against it. Embrace now and do it with a positive attitude. It changes everything.

Choose a good attitude or choose to dwell in the bad. You can’t do both.

Hold tight to what is present to you…and let things that have become distant or negative fall to the sides. You don’t need their distraction. It will only hold you back or motivate you for the wrong reasons.

How are you going to live your life? What do you want people to see in you? Do you want attention for the positive or the negative?

Choose and choose wisely.


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