What we think, we create.

An ironic, but not surprising thing happened in the last 24 hours. I utilized the last name of an old friend on an ad I was writing and somehow within the same 12 hours (after not having spoken in months) her named popped up in my facebook friend requests.

Yeah, so? I know I like to drag meaning out of things, but there is a reason for that – I usually find some.

It all goes into the theory that you get more of what you focus on. I had thought about my friend – wrote down her name…and then an actual connection was made. No force of hand, no pursuit, it just came.

I think this is an important thing to consider. We get more of what we put our focus and energy on. So if we focus on positive – we find more positive. We focus on negative – we find more negative.

A month ago I was struggling. I was disappointed in the way things were unraveling with a few of my friends and I put so much focus on it that I didn’t realize I was passing up plenty of hours that I could have been focusing on people who were treating me EXACTLY how I wanted to be treated.

Additionally, I kept finding more and more reasons to be disappointed in the way things were going. Why? Because I was so focused on it that I was looking for them.

Had I focused on my unaffected, positive relationships I probably would not have cared at all about the insignificant disappointments that were presenting themselves. I would have realized they didn’t matter all that much at all and remained uninvolved in a negative drama I was feeding into.

I also probably would have been able to move blindly past things that didn’t matter and even just focus on the 98% positive things about the relationships I had been nitpicking.

I wouldn’t have had time to feel hurt over unimportant things because I would have been completely consumed by great ones.

So, be aware of what you are focusing on. It will come to you. It’s inevitable.

So, Live Life and Live it Good.



Queenet said…
Jamie, God works in mysterious ways! Love U, Aunt Elaine

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