My Time and Tea Time

I've been dealing with some silly medical issues this past week so I've been quiet. I don't really even know what's going on or I'd share in more detail. My body is just feeling a little out of sync in many ways. I'm sleeping it off and checked in with the Dr. just to be sure. She's looking into some stuff. More updates later.

Here's what's fun this week ~

:) Courtney and I started a joint blog that is going to be lots of fun...we were going to build up some content and then post it...but I'm too excited. Welcome to be purdy 365. Courtney is so talented...she rocks. Enjoy her pretty little blog header design.

:) I just placed my first online order for Yogi Tea. After receiving the Himalayan Apple Spice sample in the mail I got quite attached. I've looked, but I still haven't been able to find it in any store. So, I gave in and ordered it online along with:

Classic India Spice
Breathe Deep
Echinacea Immune Support
Cold Season Tea Sampler

I'm gearing up for the cold :)


Lindy Loo said…
Aw yay. The new blog's a cute idea.
Sandee St. John said…
They sell the whole line of these teas in a store near me called Health Hut. I buy them and they are awesome!
Rebecca said…
I know they definitely sell them at Greenstar in Ithaca, NY; but I am thinking that I saw them elsewhere lately. Wegmans maybe?

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