Bounce with me.

I'm finding it beneficial to work on the floor in my office today. New perspective.

I have a slightly heavy heart today because someone that inspires me quite a bit is no longer going to be available to do so 5 days a week - or at the times when I need it most. So, I grieve a bit. And I seek a bit.

I realize that I need to be able to recreate this sense of inspiration. It's critical.

My challenge is mostly in how to draw it out and to step outside of my comfort zone to find it. How to bring keep for myself an environment that feeds ideas. How to inspire people to want to be involved in the process with me. How to fit into other people's processes. How to find it independently when situations require it.

Collaboration to me is the critical force that takes an idea from good to great.

When you bounce a ball to yourself you know the force you've put on it. You can expect how it will bounce back to you. The catch and release become somewhat automatic. Sometimes you add a little extra force and readjust your reaction time, but for the most part you are in control. It goes up and down, up and down..but it never gets the motion change forced on it by another set of willing and purposeful hands. It never benefits from a change of motion set on by adapting to a new flow of movement, receiving the pitch, giving an instantaneous and purely reactive reaction in return.

That's what collaboration is to me.

Freshness inspired by unexpected, instantaneous and purely reactive reactions. Change put into motion by multiple sources of force and drive.

Today I begin to try to keep that alive. I've got to open up. Push myself harder. And, definitely remember to pass the ball.

My brain requires it. Ideas feed of of it. Progress depends on it.


Nick James said…
I love it. Good point, good description, AND great pictures.
Queen Mama Mia said…
In your bouncing ball, I call them peaks and valleys! It is the valleys that make you appreciate the peaks and trust me, life goes on.

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