Bubble of Purity

I was in the shower when I saw this shot. So, I hurried, finished rinsing off and grabbed my camera.

I was afraid that a drop of water or a change in the pressure would pop the bubble and I'd lose my chance to get the shot.

The bottle was sitting crooked, halfway on top of a bar of soap. Despite the less than perfect composition I snapped a couple of times, then I tried to move the bottle to get a better shot...and the bubble popped.

With a little photo editing, I straightened the bottle and I am actually liking the way that the shot came out.

And now, my thoughts.

Purity exists in a bubble.

When your actions are pure, when situations are pure, when relationships are pure ... they function in a bubble...in a special way untouched by the world around them. Free of defensiveness, free of the need for explanation, free of guilt - and full of raw emotion.

Purity can be a wonderful bubble. A place to bond and to rejoice - with yourself and with others. A place to see things and people in isolation. A place to see how the world would turn if nothing but positivity, trust, and innocence were the driving forces. If we never found room for doubt, a reason to lie, to fight to pick ... if we never had to face little realities.

Purity is the bubble that exists before you tell your first lie. Before you have your first fight. Before you see the flaws - in yourself and in those you love.

In each and every situation the purity will pop eventually. It will expose us to the world, the people, the negativity that exists around us. It will force us to face the reality that exists outside of the bubble.

So I think that we should all be slow to pop the bubble.

Enjoy the moments. Take the time to bond in the protection of innocence. Tell yourself the truth. Be cautious in the fights you pick. Don't always look for something to be wrong. Trust until you are sure you cannot. Take time to believe the unbelievable. Look for and straight at the good - get comfortable with the positives.

Once a situation's bubble is popped, it is popped. There's not turning back to take advantage of all that it has to offer - the foundation that it can help us build.


Nick James said…
I love it. Great interpretation!
Pavitra said…
Glad the bubble didn't pop. That must have been a really, really quick rinse off.
mo said…
"The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

A huge part of me believes that purity is what exists when you have seen the flaws, and still find beauty.

You get my wheels turning!
mo said…
that cut out the first thought--your blog reminded me of that Oscar Wilde quote.
cdefrank said…
I think I rely on purity bubble way too much. I function just fine with that delicate little thing in tact. Then it pops. Then what?

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