Food Photography

I haven't been here to write in a bit. Surprisingly I have been putting in more than 8 hours of "work" every day since the layoff. I'm really enjoying it.

When I say "work" it has been everything from rewriting my resume to putting together my portfolio to interviewing tirelessly for full time and freelance jobs.

Yesterday my dad gave me the opportunity to get involved with a fun project. I went up to a restaurant that we've been eating at religiously for years and took photos of the food! It was a challenge for me. I'm just learning little tricks about lighting...using natural light vs. flash. Using the auto focus to focus on a neutral color in the photo so it isn't over or underexposed. I have a long way to go in my learning process.

The good news for me though - I now have some photos to share on here. Something I haven't done in a while!!

Let me know what you think. And I'll always be open to tips and critiques!

And if you want a taste of this delicious food: Visit The Tomato Grill in Hudson, Ohio!!


Nick James said…
I think it is great! You obviously know what you are doing. The only thing that looks better than that food is your work of photographing them. Glad to see a post from you.
Jim said…
The seafood one is especially nice, that's like cookbook quality. Are you familiar with the food blog SeriousEats? You should submit some pics to them, maybe get a bit of exposure for the freelancing.
Queen Mama Mia said…
Good to see you back. Looking forward to seeing you Friday. At first glance I thought you were at D'Agnese! I'm hungry excuse me while I go eat my tuna fish dinner! Great photos. Yum!
Nick James said…
Might I add, your pictures make my dinner shots look very un-appetizing...haha
lindyloo said…
Real nice, lady! You have a nice eye for the food pics. =) That first one is particularly good!
cp said…
...and now I am hungry.

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