State of Mind

Has this ever happened to you? You hear a word, of a new restaurant, or of anything unfamiliar really for the first time and then you hear it multiple more times in a relatively short span of time after that.

Something you didn't even know existed or never noticed all of a sudden becomes a regular topic of introduction - and not because you keep bringing it up, but because it keeps bringing itself to you?

Getting ready for today's interview I started thinking about the last couple of weeks. I got laid off, and I immediately got up and started working for myself.

Not just to find a job or to bring in money. To keep positive and upbeat and happy. To try to see the light in my situation. To avoid the trap of laying in the bed and wallowing in self pity.

The reason I bring these two topics up in succession is this: as a general rule, " you get more out of what you focus on."

I'm not saying you necessarily only get good if you focus on good. Life happens. But I am saying that if you focus on good, you SEE more and place more value on the good. You train yourself to look for it. You tint the glasses pink. You are more receptive to seeing positives.

I'm not saying that living this way is easy or even possible all of the time. We do have to mourn and work through our emotions.

I'm only saying that it's what I've been trying to do and that it's been working in a lot of ways. I'm focused on what is good around me. On positive momentum. I'm letting the less than positive things just kind of skirt around me right now. I don't want to see them or pay attention to them. They are poison right now.

As a side thought: when you hear of something new, and then hear it again and again, you are in some way probably paying attention to something that you never paid attention before. Maybe you have heard the word before, but were never open to hearing it. Maybe in the past you didn't have a need or a receptor for what that experience/word/place/thought would have had to offer you.

Maybe when things start coming up in what seems like coincidental patterns we should give them heed. Try to figure out what they mean in regards to where we are in life. What are we subconsciously focused on. What should we be doing to move forward. What could we be taking advantage of.

My advice, keep your focus on the things you want to receive in life. They are there for the taking if you don't let them pass you by without notice.

Yogi teabag quote of the day: "Mental happiness is total relaxation."

Put your mind in the right place.


Nick James said…
I love the connection you made! I have a feeling I'll be reading this over and over.
Pavitra said…
I have recently learned that whatever you put your energy on is what is most likely to come true (good or bad). Why waste time on the bad when there is so much more positive attitude and good to be had in life.
Queen Mama Mia said…
J what ever takes your breath away should be something worth capturing. Whatever floats your boat!

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