The root and the wing. The rock and the sea.

This Revolutionary Road movie has really stirred a lot of thinking. Not only in my life, but in the lives of those around me.

Through endless conversations I've realized that when having to categorize myself I tend to be more of the root or the rock than the wing or the sea.

It's not that I love Cleveland winters or think that this city has tons of inherent excitement, but somehow I've found a way to truly feel it as my home. It's not that I don't like to get on a plane and travel...see the world and float for a bit, but I couldn't do it forever. I'd want to come back.

I've thought a lot about this over the years. Would 12 months of sunshine create enough happiness that I wouldn't need to be able too see my family whenever I wanted to? Would the ability to go out and walk the beach or hike through a desert mountain mean more than being able hop in my car and get to the people I love? And for me, the answer is that it just wouldn't.

I've always had this internal dialogue with myself. The thing I always get back to is this - I get one life to live with the people I care about. I've been blessed enough to be related to and surrounded with people that I truly, truly love. I want to spend my time by their sides. I already don't see the people I love as often as I'd like to.

I've been called a gypsy in my life. And I guess in some ways internally I am. I can make myself happy in nearly any crowd and nearly any job. I do well with change.

However, I think that the reason that I do so well with change is that I have very strong and long roots. I have a great support system of people around me. I know which people offer me which type of support and I've never been to prideful to ask for it.

Yogi teabag quote of the day: "Love, compassion and kindness are the anchors of life."


Queen Mama Mia said…
You are definitely a seasoned writer for your young years. I am amazed at your depth into yourself. Good post. I'll counter this one in my next post after I find my oomph! I feel sad that another foot of snow has given me dissapointment and we couldn't get together.
Vitamin B-Lardo said…
I was disappointed too. I actually went to bed at 6:15 last night. I skipped dinner and any chance for movement. I must have been more exhausted than I thought.
Queen Mama Mia said…
I can never skip dinner. If I do however, I will wake up and you'll find me in the middle of the night looking for a bowl of cereal. My youngest son does the same thing! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

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