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Fear and Shadows.

I was sitting in the car last night and observing the shadow that my hand made on my leg.

The further my hand was from my leg the larger the shadow got - even to the point that it didn't even look like a hand at all anymore.

For some reason while I was doing this a comment was made about me getting over my fear.

It got me thinking.

Fears mirror the behavior of shadows a bit.

The further we keep ourselves away from the things that we are afraid of - the bigger and scarier they seem. Most of the time the anticipation that we give to our fears creates a sense of grandness - a disillusion about what there is to really be afraid of. We put such a space between us and the things we fear that we can't see them for what they really are.

It isn't until we become brave and get up close that we are able to really see our fears in their truest form.

To deal with life head on we have to put down our projected thoughts, close in on the distance between us and what plagues us, and take on challenges head on.

Only then are we able to truly determine if we should be so fearful or not.


Nick James said…
I will use this advice on my current journey. Thank you!
Julie Holiday said…
Such an interesting perspective on fear.
"Close in on the distance between us and what plagues us." I love that!

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