Food that interacts with the plate

I was sharing a can on pickled Beets with Serenity the other day and as I put them on the plate I found myself intrigued even more by their potent color than I usually am.

So, in a curious moment that probably looked a little silly to a five year old, "Mamie, why are you taking pictures of your plate?", I snapped some shots of the beets and the the mess (art) the juice made on my dirty dishes afterward.

Just a little Saturday afternoon fun.
I think everyone could use a little more punchy color in the dead of winter anyways...don't you?

It's nice to have something in my possession that I just can't put down. I love my Canon. It helps me keep track of every interesting thing that I see along the way.


Nick James said…
I agree-- I want one of those cameras. I like the title and the pictures....and, of course, I LOVE Serenity. Please, please, please tell her that Uncle CJ misses her.

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