Yesterday I turned 31.
I should start by telling you that I am more than a weeeee bit obsessed with my own birthday. I think it's fun to have a day (or a week) to celebrate myself.

I am also lucky enough to be spoiled by the people around me, so I really get to enjoy my time.

It started off with a surprise night out on Tuesday - birthday eve. Maura made the plans. Mikki joined. We got in the car and drove downtown...and with Mikki's hands pressed over my eyes so I couldn't see, we pulled into the House of Blues.

The surprise was a Missy Higgins concert (and a very very tasty dinner at the HOB - thank you Mikki). It couldn't have been more perfect. Maura knows me well. Set the mood for a wonderful birthday just right.

On Wednesday, my actual birthday, I was supposed to go on a field trip with Serenity's school, but due to a flooded road it was canceled.

So, I went to borders and bought myself a book...Change of Heart by Jody Picoult. I stayed there, drank coffee and read for three hours.
I stopped at Kohls and bought myself some new shirts.

I got a job offer.

I had dinner with some of the most cherished people to me in my life.

We all had fancy desserts from Sweet Melissa's. ( This one was just for me!)

I got presents that hit at the core of me from Maura, plus Veronica and the kids.

I feel loved.
I love people.
I love life.
And I'm happy.
That's what wishes are made of.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday from one of your new followers! I also just picked up Change of Heart - I am a big Jodi Picoult fan!
Nick James said…
Wow, this post makes me happy. I feel like when your world is right, my already right world, becomes more right. Love you big sis.
Nick James said…
PS. New followers, eh? You are going to beat me soon!
Natalie said…
Hi! Happy Birthday!

Missy Rocks my world! Sounds like a fabulous Birthday to me.x
Chuck Dilmore said…
love the B&W of you & your friend, especially!


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