Feeling. Commitment. Conviction.

I've noticed lately that feelings and sentiments are so momentary, so easily persuaded by circumstance.

Commitment is the bridge that keeps us on the path between the good feelings and the bad.

Conviction defines what we personally can stay committed to.


Natalie said…
Yes, that is true. Keeping the goal planted firmly in front of you, is a good way around the wobbles, I have found.xx :D
Queenet said…
Vitamin B - Aren't you totally proud of your baby brother?? I 'm so happy for him I cant stand it! My how he has matured and he is on the doorstep to success, the bottom rung of the ladder so to speak! Just came home from hospital with pneumonia -- but on the road to recovery. Love, A. Elaine aka Queen Mama Mia
Audrey said…
Well said! conviction is the tough one to be sure.
Chuck Dilmore said…
you're a Thinker.
and Articulate, Expressive!
ye shall travel far in life.

hope you're having a great week!

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