I was driving today and thinking about what a difference there is in those two words to me though they are used interchangeably at times.

One is bright and hot.
The other is bright, warm, radiating, encompassing, (and sometimes wears a smiley face).

The difference is all in the giving off...one IS and one RADIATES.
One sits in the sky. One changes the way life feels - the way people think and act.

That's really how it is for all of us.

The real difference between one person and the next...the one that matters most - it's not so much in the name, in the looks, in the face, in the voice. It's in what all of those things give off.

It's about more than our being - it's how our being radiates to those around us.

I personally prefer the people and the words that radiate big.

It's not enough just to be. You have to connect to make a difference.


Anonymous said…
Yup! I agree! Radiate BIG!
Natalie said…
What a great post! I was just about to write about something similar, and thought"I'll just do a bit of visiting first" Too funny.xx
Chuck Dilmore said…
Very nice!
Thank you for this!

Nick James said…
Very interesting. You radiate big things--thats why I picked you as my sister...oh wait, I just got lucky.

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