Check Yes or No

I personally haven't been on the receiving end of a "yes or no" letter written on three hole punched lined paper for many many years. Well, until yesterday.

Please have a look at what the 13 or 15 year old (he wasn't sure when questioned by the cops about his age or year of birth) spanish speaking neighbor of ours was leaving in the door when Maura stopped him and asked him to hand it over.

This all happened at 10 pm.

Needless to say we sent our response in the form of a police officer to his home.

The boy explained to the officers that the letter was just a mix up. He had one in his hand for his girlfriend and then one for us that was going to be asking us to join him at chuch (which happened to be what he told Maura the letter was about when he handed it over to her.)

Very common proposition and church. Especially from a 13/15 year old.

So had we not sent the cops over I guess he was coming back to see what the response was.

If he had been a bit older I might have purchased a male stripper to greet him at the door. But the only hardball I want to play with a 13 year old includes the local authorities.

AND, by the way, the young man's method of note delivery before Maura saw him approaching the house was to leave the letter in the door. Interestingly, he didn't sign it. So say we had found the note in the door and wanted to respond in some way...we'd have had to be up for a romp with WHOEVER might have showed up at 1:30 a.m. to collect the note. So we must seem really, really hard up over here.

"Hey, yes, to whoever it is that writes with 7 year old penmanship and can't spell words - we'd love a 1:30 hook up!!!"

Boys will be boys. Hope he lost as much sleep over this letter as I did.

PS. Life it out side we translated to mean "leave it outside".

Enjoy the read.
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thedanerbeans said…
WTF? I can't even process things like this.
Audrey said…
OK..that is bizarre! Is that truly the way "children" communicate? I can only imagine what they text! Good call on notifying the police.
krondox said…
wth? How do you respond to something like this? jeez.
Stephanie said…
post it!

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