{I've got lots or writing on myspace that I don't want to lose - periodically I'm goign to transfer pieces over here to share with you}

Rock (Feb. 5, 2008)

We lay still on that rock overlooking the water

Soaking in the heat and hypnotized by the breeze dancing across soft leaves

Strangers play chaotic around us

It's here that we are able to find silence

Where we forget that we are headed down separate paths

Yours to the world and mine to the four walls and tiny voices I call home

We've always loved these places together

Taken the time to unwind where our lives intersect

And I always find you inside of me when I imagine my tomorrows

My beaches, my forests, my books, my calm

I take you there with me, to where I can't let go

To where we don't have to say goodbye

Here is where you'll stay, and where I'll find us should we part

You can always meet me in the middle, in your mind

And for a moment we'll rewind

Taking back what we fought so hard to find.


mo said…
beautiful. and heart-breaking.
mo said…
kept thinking about this.

it reminds me of eternal sunshine of the spotless mind---finding the person in your mind, holding them there.

it's really good, jamie,
Chuck Dilmore said…
verrry beautiful - thank you!

though i've never heard your voice,
i felt you narrating as i read this.
it's perfect!

nice, nice going!
Angeline said…
I have lots of stuff over at myspace too. I was going to print it all out before I deleted my account. This idea is good. I didn't think of that.
Queenet said…
J. This is so beautifully written and should be published (in my opinion). I am in awe of the talent you and NJ have in the writing world. You both write from the heart and soul. Love, A.E.

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