Circus of Wheels (August 2005)

Welcome inside
The circus of wheels
Mothers, lovers, fluids, meals

Welcome inside
Don't put anything down
We're transporting all that's not tied to the ground

Lay your life on a bed
Lay your life on a table
We'll move you as long as we see that we're able

Who you'll see here
You just never know
But you can be sure they'll have wheels in tow

A rolling cart full of meals
For a portable tray
To glide up to a bed three times a day

So, roll in. Get cozy
Now, get up. Roll out.
Through the tunnels of pushers
Of mechanics and doubt

The circus of wheels is open all day
And all night for the few who are willing to stay
It's noisy and cold, constantly moving
But don't settle in - the drone's never soothing

Written - August 2005.


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