To writing and reflection.

It's certainly not that I haven't wanted to write.
It's just that every time I sit down to put my words to paper they come out clunky and disconnected. I try to doodle and the same. The map of my lines is disjointed and not entirely making sense.
I keep looking for a reflection of myself in others and I struggle to understand what I see.
I'm at a spot where I desire to feel connected. I think I'm craving the change of season and all of the social and personal transitions that come with it.
Be patient with me and I will come back around. I keep telling myself that the act of writing involves only getting words on paper. They don't have to be crafted perfect or entirely thought out the first time around, they just have to be presented.
So, here's to writing and reflection.
In hopes that one of the two, or both, brings me back around.
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