Heading to Denver, Co

Anybody been there and want to make suggestions on things we should see and do?

We are looking for both indoor and outdoor fun...not sure yet how the weather is going to be.


Stephanie said…
swing over to salt lake city to see the S Q I D family!!!!!
Queenet said…
J: are you really going to Denver? I was detained at the Denver airport years ago, as my plane had mechanical problems. Nine hours later I was given a flight back to Ohio. I was alone, but hooked up with a young teacher and a woman with a German accent. We talked and had lunch together, it turned out to be a rather neat experience.

Do you ski? Safe Travel & Happy Easter.
Love, A.E.

P.S. How about that Nick James?I'll try to be back to blogging soon. Enjoy your writings, I think you should think about moving from your neighborhood!
Amanda said…
Molly Brown's house! Sorry I saw that on Jeopardy...

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