(Monday, November 26, 2007)

I fell asleep leaning against the bathroom wall.

I fell asleep leaning against the bathroom wall.

Lonely is a funny place to be.

Comfort is often found while standing still in places I know people pass through.

But it's lost the moment anyone speaks to me directly.

I've lost my energy for speaking.

I like to sit and stare and absorb the noise of other people's lives until it becomes a distant rumble and I can close my eyes.

In other people's houses, in the comfort of strange couches – that's where I find retreat, my chance to sleep.

When I lay back in my bed I'm too aware of the weight of my head.

And while it hurts to lie there, I don't seem to want to get up.

So, I stiffen as I wait, hollow for another day.

Another place to lie and drift away.


Natalie said…
I so get this.When I separated from my first husband, and the children went to him for access visits, the silence was disconcerting. I missed the rumble of their activity. I found myself constantly agitating to be near other people and comforting noise.When I sat on a friends couch, I would just want to stay there and rest finally.

Love to you.xx

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