Block Head

I’ve had a lingering version of writer’s block for a few weeks now. I want to explore topics, I do. But as I try my brain seizes up like a sponge, emptying my linear thoughts into a thick pool of inseparable goo that makes its way into my fingertips. I come here and muck it out for you so that writer’s block doesn’t turn into effort block.

Through my pondering on the topic of writer’s block I started thinking about what it really is.

I feel as though I’m either not exposing my brain/life to topics that inspire me OR I’m emotionally blocked and just unable to communicate completely.

I need some inspiration to start exploring and freeing myself up.

What do you do when you just can’t get the words to fall into place?


Chuck Dilmore said…
i find fiction
much easier than non-fiction...
it lets you just go free, narrate what a new character sees, discovers, thinks.

i'm in awe of non-fiction writers!
(is that what you're going for?)

either way... what if
you just start writing
to yourself?

you are the audience...
what do you want to say/read?

you're not blocked...
you're just recharging!
you'll be back - energized.

Anonymous said…
Hmmm good question! When I am stumped for something to write about I do a couple of things - I reflect WAY back in my life and try to write about a memory. I sometimes read through other peoples blogs looking for inspiration. Or I flip through photos or books looking for something to trigger thought. If all of that fails - I have a nap. Or a bowl of ice cream. Sometimes both!
Lindy Loo said…
I read a poet or some poetry that I know has always gotten my brain whirring in the past. Then I almost can't help myself with it--it spills out.
Nick James said…
If ever you are lacking inspiration, listen to any of the 8 American Idol finale songs--they are inspiring.

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