Easy Come

Right now I feel like I’m in a stage of life where things just don’t come easy. I feel like I’m struggling to find a comfortable position and that the transparency has opened me up to heavier critique – from myself and others.

It’s a heavy place. One I’ll chalk up to a time of growth.

I wish it were easier for us all to see people in their intention rather than in their action. If we could see what all of the struggle was really for maybe we’d be able to more easily help each other get where we are trying to go.

Unfortunately it’s not that easy. We see what think we see. We need what we think we need. We don’t have the ability to filter things through anything but our own self.

And sometimes our self isn’t right. And sometimes even if it is right it’s only right for us. And sometimes being right doesn’t even matter.

I mean really isn’t peace the real victory? Not being at war enough for their to be a right or a wrong at all. A "live and let live" kind of thing?


Yogi Teabag Quote of the Day: Let your heart speak to others’ hearts.

How fitting. Maybe the real goal should be quieting the mouth and mind to let the heart do the talking and the listening.


Anonymous said…
Oh Jamie, this is such a good post. And very timely. I have been at several discussion groups lately that have centered on compassion and human kindness/dignity. Those are, in my mind, such simple things, yet they seem to be very complicated for the majority of the population. Some things are just not okay, and one of those things is expecting that others live up to the ideal we set for them. I don't know what the solution is, but I am very grateful that you are bringing the problem to the table!
Hang in there Jamie!
Chuck Dilmore said…
fear not...
t'is but a place, a stage, and
so many good chapters are ahead of you!

you are good to examine it...
you sense a struggle but realize
that it's something vital.

go where you wanna go.
be comfortable in your beauty!

rest assured...
you're under a very bright star.

peace~ Chuck
cp said…
The good/bad thing is realizing you are going through growth. Usually you don't realize until afterwards that it was a growing period.

But, I guess, we are always growing and changing and learning.

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