Sense of Accomplishment

The weekend was an interesting combination of accomplishment and setback. However, I do want to share with you that the stumps that have been an eye sore in my front yard for the past 2 years are finally out. Well, two of the three at least.

And instead of taking the completely lazy way and just paying to have them removed...a friend came over and lead a excavation that resulted in us pulling them out on our own.

Hard core axing and digging. But they are out and I can now, for the first time since I've lived here, do some landscaping!



Anonymous said…
Congrats! Sheesh - that looks like VERY hard work! How long did it take to get them out?
Can't wait to see the landscaping pics!
mo said…
my stump,
my stump,
my lovely lady stump ;)

sexy stump, jamie!
Chuck Dilmore said…
"make you work-work
make you work!"

great job!
glad you photographed it!
(and you live on a brick street? cool!

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