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Tension Dispensin'

It’s amazing how much we can affect the people in the space around us. One person’s expression, one conversation, one smile, one slight, one explosion of laughter – they all change the air.

It’s extremely important to be aware of the energy that we are putting off and receiving.

No matter how unaffected some of us try to be – as humans we are like sponges. We suck up all of what is going on around us and then we either keep it in and swim in it or we slowly leak it out and pass it through an emotional chain reaction to the next person that we come into come into contact with.

We can either be a source of light or a source of discontent.

The biggest danger to our emotional well being and our relationships with those in our lives are the moments when we don't even realize the vibe we are throwing off or have knowledge of where it came from. We act out of emotion and destroy moments with angst that might not even be ours to begin with.

Be aware. Learn how to repel negative and soak up positive. Tailor your hearing to find the good. Tailor your responses to point it out. Don’t feed a hungry, burning anger.

Be grateful for the good, find the happiness and pass that around. People won’t have a choice but to absorb some of the energy and you’ll have a better chance to stay away from the wildfire of negativity that others are so willing to share with the world.

It's not far fetched to say that people bond easier in negativity than they do in positivity. But why does it have to be that way?


Anonymous said…
100% Jamie! I wonder why it is that as humans we are more drawn to negativity. It's odd, when you think about it! I love the vanity plate - I always try to practice an attitude of gratitude because it makes my life easier, and hopefully changes the life of someone else along the way. There is an old story about a taxi driver in NYC who decided to wish everyone a happy day in the hopes that his wish became their reality. If he brought a smile to their face, he asked that they "pay it forward." I loved that story. Such a simple act with such a huge outcome!

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