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alumni night (64 photos) - My youth returned.

Friday night we had our alumni band celebration. An event in honor of Mr. Lydecker, a man who spent the last 40 years of his life changing lives through music. And for me personally, giving me the best memories of my entire high school career and a place where I still feel at home.

There's hardly ever a high school thing that gets deep down into the souls of the people that were a part of that and brings them back giddy and eager 15 years later. For the most part it seems that people are happy to have moved on.

But when you witness 600 people (including current band members) marching onto the filed equipped with instruments, flip books and pride - you realize that something is different about band.

I have so much pride in being a part of that group of people. I loved every face that I saw. I felt safe, excited and inspired.

I felt like a part of something huge.

Thank you to Mr. Lydecker fo giving us a band that was so incredible. Thank you for the years of your time. Thank you for magnetizing great people to get, and stay, involved in something so positive. Thank you for putting up with all the idiosyncrasies of nearly 300 students every year and bringing us all together to create something amazing. You changed my life. You improved my life. I'd do every moment of it over again - it was the best of my high school career.

Hugs to everyone I got to spend my night with. It was 15 years in the making for me..and the best reunion I've had to date.

Check out the photos if you are interested.


~JarieLyn~ said…
Cool. It looks like everyone had a fun time. You are really pretty. You look much different than your profile pic.
erin said…
you've captured my exact feelings and thoughts...i guess that means he's done it for many.

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