Some breaks are foreshadowed by cracks veining across an object, spreading rapidly but never causing a fracture.

The windshield of a car. A coffee mug dropped in the sink.

The interesting thing about this state of destruction is that until there is a complete separation in space...these things cannot be repaired or resurrected.

It's in the complete space that you can apply a bonding agent, something to reunite the two pieces and truly hold them together.

It is in complete space that the individual pieces show their worth. Where you can see that one really may not work without the other. That both are needed.

Some breaks are clean - almost as if they come with instructions for repair. Apply bonding agent here. Stick together. Apply pressure. Rejoice.

Others shatter. Pieces go missing. The air always get's through. The coffee always leaks out. There's no handle left to hold on to.

But until the break...we may not ever know a thing's true strength or lack of it. Until the break we might not know how to fix or strengthen object, instead we run in circles...applying a beautiful layer of paint over and over again just to hide the mess. Until the break we might not see the biggest weaknesses, or place value on the strength of of individual pieces.

Photo Source - Original Artwork from Griffin and Sabine by Nick Bantock.


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