TeaBird - Postcards Made With Yogi Tea Bags!

In order to try to focus some of the energies inside of me I decided to take my obsession with Yogi Teabags one step further and create postcards!

I also used one of the designs as the new header on my blog. Needs resized, but I'm loving it. It just fits.

I heart tea!

(Confession: I used a cheap teabag to cut open and spread as grass. I couldn't bear to waste a delicious Yogi bag.)


~JarieLyn~ said…
That's really cute. It looks good as your new header.
Queenet said…
J. Your header is quite unique and totally artistic. You never cease to image me. Love, A. Elaine
Lindy Loo said…
Love love love the new header AND the postcards. You rock.

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