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A tisket a tasket...


Last night I received a letter (plus two pages of beautiful toddler drawings that tickled my heart) from a dear friend whom I’ve spent little face time with, but whose energy has sparked my life into greater focus. I opened my life up to her in the moment I first saw her…and luckily enough she reciprocated the friendship.

Earlier in the week I received a delicate envelope from a friend I haven’t seen in months and months.

Last week I opened two letter bundles from my brother…complete with letters for me and the people I care about.

I am here to just rejoice and feel grateful. These letters feel incredible in my hands. It is so centering it is to hold this bundle of packaged words, words placed on paper just for me. There’s a thrill breaking open an envelope to touch a piece of paper that was only days ago in the hands of someone who I care deeply about, but don’t have the privilege of seeing often enough. My eyes gallop across the letters at first, then go back to savor each word. This is my bliss.

Letters are so significant to me.

Writing letters has given me a place of sanctuary in my life. A time for me and the exploration of my thoughts. A one-on-one date between me and a pen pal. A way to let someone completely captivate my focus even when they are nowhere near.

I love this exchange of words.


NanU said…
There's something special about a handwritten letter. treasure them always!
Stephanie said…
i love you my dear friend!
cdefrank said…
I agree. It's a private connection between you and the sender. It's so different from this social media world today where everything you write is exposed to strangers...just like this comment...

Your words are simply brilliant. :)

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