Open your eyes. Blink.
Where did you come did you learn
Where were you loved...did each take their turn?
Which things were spoken and taught?
Which things did you know that forever you fought?
Why didn't you say it back then?
Why let a thorn in your side protrude and not mend?

Open your eyes. Blink.
What is it about the holding of a hand that helps you walk and helps you stand?
Why is there enough in a fingertip to give and demand?
Why have I let my struggle make me a slave of my mind...
If there were no limits what would I find?

Open your eyes. Blink.
Who do you see opening the doors of your pain?
Teaching with touch, guiding with thought, and holding on to restrain.
Who is there when the lights turn off and the mind rides?
Does the soul visit when the body hides?
is there someone you meet in the corner of your dream...where the wind drowns emotion and tears cannot stream?

Jamie Belardo circa 2002


Rae said…
speaks to me. really good.
~JarieLyn~ said…
Great poem. I love the last three lines.
Anonymous said…

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