Water Dance

I lifted my water glass and there she was twinkling and dancing beneath it. I remained silent as I watcher her move, keeping her and the dance she spun all for myself. My secret.

Some of the most magical feelings I’ve ever felt happen when I notice something no one else sees and I revel in it instead of making it a big deal. It’s about just looking and remaining silent, sharing a moment with the universe.

Too many people go through life not noticing little things like the way the light bounces through a scene or the marked sound of a perfectly sharpened pencil scratching across a piece of paper.

I try not to miss these things. I want to take life in and really live every moment.

Part of the reason is pure enjoyment. The second part is my belief in what Heaven is. I believe Heaven is a place where all the little things that we notice and absorb in our lifetime are abundantly available to us. A state of being where the sights, sounds, feelings and little treasures we hold are presented in the most beautiful ways they were ever experienced. I feel that if I forget to look around and take things in they won’t be there for my recall.

Take time to dance in the light and play with the fairies. Notice the world around you - and, when you can, sit back, relax and take life in.


mo said…
what a moment, jamie.

your awareness is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Jamie, that is lovely. You are absolutely right - we get so caught up in "life," that we forget to live.
Lovely, reminder!
Chuck Dilmore said…
oh, awesome post!
and the photograph is stunning!

i love that you discover the magic!
good on ya!


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