Things that make you say ahhhhhh

Just as I was taking my last bite of yogurt I looked down and saw this little guy peering helplessly out of my bowl. I swiped my spoon over him a couple times to give parts definition, but essentially he is a creation of nothing but random swipes of the spoon.

What could have so easily been rinsed and unnoticed turned into something quite wonderful.

If you want to see amazing simply have to take the time to look.


Anonymous said…
That is totally awesome - I thought at first glance that it was fabric. Then I thought that it must be some kind of metal. Very, very cool!
Anonymous said…
I think part of seeing amazing things is the open & creative eyes viewing them. What one person sees as yogurt another can see as George Lucas character worthy.

Audrey gave you an award & linked to you, so on her suggestion I came over to read a bit. ~Mary
Dana said…
He's adorable. He seems surprised to see you peering back at his lil Pinocchio-esque presence :O)

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