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Who's Who and What does Who Want

Hey guys.

So here's what I'm trying to do...

I want to know who's stopping by the site and what types of posts you like to read.

I always going to write the things that come to my head...but if I know that there are topics people really like to explore I'll keep a eye and ear out for things that inspire me in their direction.

Plus, it's always nice to see where support is coming from and outside of my follower list - I really have no idea who stops by.

Leave me a comment if you will. You don't have to be a member or register or anything...just comment as anonymous and leave your name. Only if you want of course :)

Cheers and happy hump day!


Anonymous said…
Hey Jamie - I like your blog exactly the way that it is - you mix it up a lot. Sometimes it is about your fun little vacations, sometimes the licence plates, sometimes your tea time reflections - actually, I am kind of missing those, as you haven't done one for awhile. You know I enjoy your blog - I am here all the time, so I am probably not who you are targeting with this question. But my answer remains the same - don't change what you are doing.
~JarieLyn~ said…
I like it random. You inspired me earlier today with the license plate photo so I had to take my camera to Target with me and I took a picture of a personalized plate on my way home. You're right, it's not so easy to take a picture while driving.

I like your blog. I make it a point to visit all blogs that have new posts, no matter what the subject.
Dana said…
You have a 6th (or probably 7th in your case) sense for writing the right thing. You're so compelling to me because your writing style and voice are so intimate, and really compliment the conveyance of your intellectual yet very relatable content--being in your head is the best part so it doesn't really matter the topic!

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