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I'm wearing a dress today. This may seem like a big old "so, what," but the truth is up until this year I never wore a dress voluntarily. I'm more of a jean and t-shirt kind of gal - at best a black pant kind of gal. I've always said that I felt a little bit like my beloved Bea Arthur in costume when I tried to dress it up even a little bit.

But, I must admit, I've found this tiny inner craving for girlyness, bare legs, and accentuating the positives.

I want a slew of sundresses to spin around in. What in the world has come over me?

But on to why I'm here. I bought these lil flip flops from old navy.

Although they are cuter than the average flip - overall they are a flop. Every seven steps I have to re-put on my shoes. No joke. I walk right out of them.

To get any more than seven steps I have to flex my foot and march with high feet, but even that ridiculous gait only gets me about 15 steps before I'm barefoot again.

Say "NO" to the toe-strap.


GingerV said…
you meed a trip to Brasil to learn to wear flip-flops, you know you have to walk with your toes curled to keep them on, really good exercise for your calves.
cp said…
I have a pair of wedge heels I purchased from Target at the end of last summer. They were super cute but then minute I started walking in them they never stayed on... the arch didn't budge at all. Good thing I had bought them on sale.

I want photos of the dress!! :) I need proof of a girlie Jme.
Vitamin B-Lardo said…
CP - Ask and you shall receive!
Doreen said…
you look very cute in your dress and flip flops. you go girl!!
Anonymous said…
LOL - cuter than the average flip but they are a flop cracked me up! Very funny Jamie! Love it. And I loved the look of the shoes. Ah the pains of being a girl - uncomfy, great looking shoes. Love the dress too. I wear skirts and dresses all summer long. I love them!
Anonymous said…
Like the new look to your blog as well!
Queenet said…
J. do you know flip flops are bad for your feet and back? Careful! Missed you at the party Friday nite. Love, A.E.

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