A road trip on a road trip - Atlanta Bound

Yesterday we left Hilton Head at noon to head to Atlanta, Georgia. Maura had prearranged an open mic night at Eddie's Attic in Decatur and I had a couple of friends that I wanted to see.

After a five hour drive we stopped at Christina's gorgeous apartment for all of 15 minutes and then headed straight to the music.

Over the course of the night there were what I estimate to be 20 performers. Everyone got two songs each and and the end of the night three of those performers were selected to play a third song.

Maura was among the three selected - a much deserved moment in the spotlight. There is no comparison to having seen it live, however once we get home I'm going to try to download the last song she sang that evening and post it here for you. They gave her a recording of it for being a finalist.

After the show we went to a cafe in Atlanta that served up the best gnocci and crepes. Not a bad snack for after midnight. (Oinky Oinky Us.)

Check Maura out at www.myspace.com/maurarogersmusic


Natalie said…
Hey Jamie, I have been catching up on your posts,and it sounds like you have been having a wonderful time! I tried to listen to Maura, but the link didn't work. :(
See you at the shootout! xx♥
Audrey said…
Hey Jamie,
Same for me - couldn't get it to upload. Looking forward to your pics on Friday. I have my post done, and am posting it thursday as I will be away on Friday. I think it is HILARIOUS! But then I am very easily amused!
Lindy Loo said…
Aww yay! Congrats, Ms. Mo!

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