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Friday Shootout - Texture - 13 Hours Away From Home

All these photos are taken in my temporary town for the week...Hilton Head Island.

And there's always got to be some food shots! There are some days when nothing is prettier.

Anyone care to venture a guess on what this LOVELY texture is??


Natalie said…
Is the second last one icecubes?
I like that one, whatever it was.xx♥
Anonymous said…
A pepper? Your shots are fantastic! I love the nest. And the child with the starfish is so sweet! Good job Jamie.
Denise said…
gum (abc - already been chewed) great pics especially love the starfish!
cp said…
The last one looks like something that Maura likes to eat a lot of...
Doreen said…
fantastic textures! the starfish and toast are favs. is it some sort of taffy or candy? great job!!
J9 said…
I like the starfish best, and the palm tree too!
Chele said…
Loved the starfish the best.
Grace Albaugh said…
The last one looks like the stuff Shrek pulls out of his ear. Are you close friends with Shrek?

Great photos. Love them all.
Zaroga said…
Great photos... I haven't a clue as to what the last photo is of.
Vitamin B-Lardo said…
My ABC GUM guessers - you are correct. That's got to be about 4 pieces chewed by my cousin!!!! hahaha gross...but intersting texture.
GigiSxm said…
great textures, loved the starfish the best, how cool!

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