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Gypsy Livin - A Bluegrass Moment in Charleston West Virginia

"I’m not coming back. I’m going to sell peaches roadside." I joked in the car. I was at total and complete peace.

Last week I got a taste of gypsy living. We went from Ohio to Charlotte to Hilton Head to Atlanta to Decatur, back to Hilton Head to Savannah, and back again to Hilton Head – only to depart there for good and head to Charleston and then back home.

I love life on the road. It’s such an adventure, especially when you take the time to do and see all of the little things out there.

As we traveled I was able to finish the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society book and digest in whole Jody Picoult’s Handle With Care.

Good reading always pushes me towards wanting to write. So, I jotted down little notes in the car of things I wanted to share here. And, in time, I will.

But for today...

I want to mention a charmed little place that we stopped at in Charleston. We had been on the road home for 12 hours, driving for about 8 of them when we entered Charleston. We needed dinner and decided to slow the trip down even more and explore a new place. We pulled in east of the downtown area and immediately noticed a little place with artwork on the walls and a certain appeal to it. However, it wasn't surrounded by the most reassuring buildings so we decided to press on and explore more of the area. We decided on a little café with live music, but when we got inside we realized that all they had were meat filled sandwiches and coffee. We asked people inside for some recommendations on good veggie eats and were directed right back to the place that we first saw – The Bluegrass Kitchen.

If you are ever in Charleston WV you have to stop by this place. Maura and I agreed that we had just experienced the best veggie burgers to date. The ambiance is lovely. The people are friendly. The entire experience left a great taste in our mouths, literally. I could taste hints of garlic even the next day (a positive in my book) - although it never overpowered the dish.

Bluegrass Kitchen - check them out. Go if you can. Let me know what you think.

Tonight I'll post some pictures that I took inside the place. It was enchanting to me.


Patty said…
Sounds fascinating. I, too, could be a gypsy. We actually sold everything we had when my husband retired and bought a huge motor home. After one trip, he decided he did not like driving a motor home. What?!!!

So now, when I see people driving those big motor homes with "RV Rental" written all over them, I don't laugh anymore.

The best laid plans of mice and gypsies.

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