A Dimple by Definition

I was walking through a bookstore and randomly picked up a book called WIFE.

It begins with the definition of dimple, "any slight surface depression".

I thought about the moments in life when a moment of sadness looms, where depression begins to set in.

How charming to think of these moments as dimples.

How critical to see that these depressions are just on the surface, momentary lapses of completeness. If we see them as complete holes we are mentally doomed...we forget to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

These dimples in life, they can easily be worn away by the passing of a few more days. Something will come to fill the space they create.

And most importantly, like the indents on chin and cheek, these dimples create character in our lives. They show us our own strength. They make room for something beautiful to enter our lives. The allow us to grow.


Natalie said…
Perfect! Dimples definitely come and go around my place. :D

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